Precast Concrete Components from Rockingham Precast

Precast Concrete Components from Rockingham Precast

Precast concrete products from Rockingham Precast exhibit the high quality, value and permanence that make them such an attractive material for use in many structures.

Precast concrete strength gradually increases over the long life expectancy of the products. For severe conditions, Rockingham Precast uses additions and design options to extend the longevity of components past the long, useful life generally expected of this material.

The ease of component installation, with quick and simple connections, is a major advantage over other materials. Precast concrete is quite heavy, but does not need the special rigging that fiberglass components must be handled in.

The precast modular concrete components available from Rockingham Precast can be used to create systems or structures of nearly any size. In addition, these precast concrete components are produced in the controlled setting of our plant, so they are of a uniformly high quality. Most variables of the jobsite (temperature, humidity, available materials, etc.) are avoided in our production facility, where trained personnel use consistent materials in a production routine.

Installation is not only easy, but efficient. The components produced by Rockingham Precast are ready to install, with no time spent erecting forms, no labor handing raw materials, and no downtime for curing.

Rockingham Precast can apply a variety of finishes to precast concrete for end use in many different architectural designs, adding visual interest and character to the project these products are used in. Textured forms and stone veneers can be used to achieve finishes resembling other more expensive construction methods.

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