Trust Rockingham Precast for Custom Architectural Precast Components

Our process can create a variety of shapes, forms, textures, sizes and colors of architectural precast concrete components. These components hold together stadiums, buildings, bridges, parking garages and other large structures.

Rockingham Precast produces precast architectural components in a controlled environment, resulting in a finished product of uniformly high quality. Jobsite variables (temperature, humidity, available materials, etc.) are avoided in our production facilities. Our personnel construct forms and create finishes that truly reflect the architect's plans. Nearly any aesthetic or functional option the designer chooses can be made in precast concrete components.

We work with architects to achieve their desired surface finish by using grained wood, rope or other material as a liner in the casting process. The resulting textures add visual interest and character. By precasting the concrete architectural components in our facility, we maintain excellent finish consistency. The same cannot be said for components cast on-site.

Should the architect desire an exposed aggregate, brick or stone veneer look, Rockingham Precast can provide dozens of options. We can also etch precast components, or replicate the look of more-expensive handcrafted stone or brick. We mix various sands, pigments and cements to achieve the desired color effects.

architectural precast concrete for the Mid-Atlantic states

Our precast concrete components are designed for easy assembly, enabling efficient on-site construction. Prefabricated wall panels can be positioned off the delivery truck, then secured. Earlier completion means the finished building can start generating revenue earlier.

Choose Rockingham Precast for faster construction time, earlier completion and increased profitability - not to mention a great-looking building!

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